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Tax Modernization Committee Starts Study

July 11, 2013

Yesterday the Nebraska Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee began its work of looking over our current system of taxation and forming recommendations for the state. Also in the news, our Nebraska’s cash reserve has hit an all-time high. This seems like a simple equation… Tax Study + All Time High Cash Reserve = Tax Relief for [...]

Why Raising the Minimum Wage Doesn’t Work

July 01, 2013

Poll after poll shows that most Americans agree: the current federal minimum wage is not enough to live on. It’s hard to imagine a single parent trying to raise a child on just $15,000 a year. However, a closer look at the type of person that earns a minimum wage surprisingly suggests that almost no one depends solely [...]

Op-Ed: Douglas County Budget Disappoints

June 24, 2013

Great op-ed published today in the Omaha World-Herald by long-time friend and former ED of the Platte Institute, John S. McCollister discussing the need for Douglas County to cut spending and oppose a property tax increase. To take action to stop a property tax increase, click here. The author, of Omaha, is a former member of the [...]

Economic Freedom Produces Prosperity, Not Government’s Taxes

June 17, 2013

In Monday’s Lincoln Journal Star political reporter Don Walton posed a question; how will the cities of Omaha and Lincoln differ under the leadership of mayors with differing governing principles when it comes to taxation?   Omaha’s Mayor Stothert has pledged lower taxes and spending cuts, which Walton ponders may lead to less services and [...]

Oppose a Property Tax Hike in Douglas County

June 12, 2013

Your tax bill may be higher next year, if some members of the Douglas County board have their way. To fill a $3 million shortfall, some county commissioners have called for a property tax increase. Click here and tell your county commissioners that when Douglas county families and business owners face a shortfall, we tighten [...]

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