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Economic Freedom Produces Prosperity, Not Government’s Taxes

June 17, 2013

In Monday’s Lincoln Journal Star political reporter Don Walton posed a question; how will the cities of Omaha and Lincoln differ under the leadership of mayors with differing governing principles when it comes to taxation?   Omaha’s Mayor Stothert has pledged lower taxes and spending cuts, which Walton ponders may lead to less services and [...]

Oppose a Property Tax Hike in Douglas County

June 12, 2013

Your tax bill may be higher next year, if some members of the Douglas County board have their way. To fill a $3 million shortfall, some county commissioners have called for a property tax increase. Click here and tell your county commissioners that when Douglas county families and business owners face a shortfall, we tighten [...]

CNN Reports on AFP’s Efforts to Block New Carbon Tax

June 11, 2013

Americans for Prosperity recently ran ads across Nebraska, and the nation, addressing the need for Congress to say no to new energy taxes. Here’s a report from CNN covering our efforts: Online ads, backed by a six-figure buy from a conservative group, are hitting the web urging lawmakers to oppose a tax on carbon emissions. [...]

2013 Legislative Wrap-Up

June 05, 2013

This week marked the last day of the Nebraska Legislature’s 2013 session. The positive: there were no tax increases, and there were a few tax cuts.  The budget is balanced.  Nebraska did not implement ObamaCare through Medicaid expansion and spending will be more transparent. The negative: state spending is growing rapidly.  Comprehensive tax reform was [...]

Take Action to Stop Common Core in Nebraska

June 04, 2013

Our friends at LEAP (Liberty Education Advocacy Project) are organizing Nebraskans to take an active interest in our children’s education and protect local control of our schools by stopping Common Core. What is Common Core?  Click here to learn more. More information on how you can take action from LEAP’s Coordinator, Rachel Pinkerton: LEAP Members [...]