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Sen. Krist’s Legislative Move Was Misguided

May 28, 2013

From today’s Omaha World-Herald, a public pulse letter written by a veteran who is critical of Sen. Bob Krist for attempting to attach an amendment that would expand Medicaid to a Veterans bills.  The writer calls out Sen. Krist for this politically-based shenanigan. Legislative move was misguided On May 21, State Sen. Bob Krist of Omaha attempted to [...]

Nebraska Ranks 21st in Economic Performance, 37th in Economic Outlook

May 23, 2013

Nebraska’s economy is middle-of-the-pack with significant challenges to future growth, according to the annual ‘Rich States, Poor States’ report produced by former Reagan adviser Dr. Art Laffer and economists Stephen Moore and Jonathan Williams. Nebraska’s economy ranks 21st in comparative performance and our prospective outlook ranks 37th. While Nebraska has suffered the national economic crisis relatively better [...]

Keep the IRS out of Health Care: Repeal Obamacare

May 17, 2013

The IRS has admitted to targeting Americans who opposed the President’s big government agenda. This same IRS is the agency tasked with enforcing the many mandates, taxes, and regulations in ObamaCare. What a chilling thought for most Americans. This is yet another reason why we must repeal Obama’s disastrous law. This Thursday the House once again [...]

AFP: Obama Connected to IRS Harassment

May 13, 2013

    AFP: Obama Connected to IRS Harassment . The White House has tried to distance itself from the growing IRS scandal, but there is a clear pattern emerging that connects undue scrutiny from the IRS with President Obama’s own rhetoric.  It’s now clear that at the same time President Obama was attacking AFP by name, [...]

Nebraska Budget Debate Heats Up

May 09, 2013

Nebraska legislators have ended the second full day of debate on the proposed $7.8 billion state budget. You can view the mainline state budget, LB 195, by clicking here. The majority of the debate has centered on the governor’s purchase of an airplane, school aid funding, government employee retirement benefits and a climate change study. Late [...]

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