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Billings Liberty Toastmasters is Up & Running

November 18, 2013

Billings Liberty Toastmasters launched last month, is focused on helping its members better communicate about issues of liberty and economic freedom.  It’s an exciting new group and is part of a new movement within Toastmasters International.  The Billings group utilizes its well-developed system of education to help advance principles of economic freedom and liberty. To […]

Bigger Issues than Who Shut Down Yellowstone

November 18, 2013 J,

There are larger issues surrounding the “shutdown” than who shut down Yellowstone, Yosemite and the WW II Memorial Park– namely runaway government spending threatening our economic freedom. Facing the reality of $17 trillion national debt and $100+ trillion more in unfunded liabilities (Medicaid, Social Security, and pensions) is just too difficult for many people. It’s far easier to blame the Tea Party, Americans For Prosperity than to tackle the problem.

Hundreds of Montanans Sign Petition Calling for Real Spending Cuts

October 17, 2013 J

Americans For Prosperity, Montana chapter recently delivered a petition to Senators Baucus and Tester and Cong. Daines’ offices calling for real spending cuts.  The petition,  signed by hundreds of Montanans, called on Congress and the President to “balance the federal budget, lower annual federal deficit spending and reduce the national debt without raising taxes.” Signatures […]

Bozeman Liberty Toastmasters Launched!

September 20, 2013

More than 20 activists enrolled as charter members of Bozeman Liberty Toastmasters, a group sponsored by our sister organization, AFP-Montana.   The group, launched on September 17th Constitution Day 2013, will teach people effective communication and leadership skills. Toastmasters is the leader in teaching people how to speak publicly, one of the greatest fears many of […]

Events to Address Assaults on Economic Freedom

September 19, 2013

During the last few weeks of August, AFP-Montana has been touring throughout Montana talking up the virtues of economic freedom and warning activists of the threats posed by wasteful federal spending on our free market economy. In some places and by request of local groups, we are also screening, FrackNation, an excellent documentary that debunks […]