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Within PPACA Lies a Pack a Lies

February 13, 2013 J,

It's hard to exaggerate the potential economic disaster that awaits us when Obama's PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) legislation is fully implemented. One thing that's becoming clear. The Obama administration routinely misled the American people in their desperate attempt to pass the Health Care legislation

ObamaCare is Law: Now Find Out What’s In it

January 23, 2013 J,

Now that the Supremes have decreed Obamacare legal, Nancy Pelosi’s words are never more relevant – “Pass the [2,900-page] bill so you can find out what’s in it.” So, what IS in it?...the largest tax increase in history – 21 separate tax increases and new taxes, 75 percent of which hit the middle class. $500 billion in total tax hikes

Montana should reject the president’s health care exchanges

January 23, 2013 J,

This exchange is nothing more than a hidden tax increase on Montana residents and businesses. Starting in 2015, the exchange must be self-funding though no one knows the cost to operate the exchange. The cost is expected to be financed through user fees and taxes on insurance premiums further hurting families in Montana. More importantly, if Montana decides to create a state-based exchange, a glitch in the original law will subject Montana businesses to a new tax of up to $3,000 per employee enrolled through the exchange.

“Hands Off My Health Care” Rally

March 01, 2012 J,

A rally opposing Obamacare and individual health care mandates as unconstitutional on the day the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments challenging the bill’s Constitutionality.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 27 at 12:00 Noon
WHERE: Gallatin County Court House (Main St. corner of 3rd.)
WHO: Medical doctors, patients and patriots will be presenting and attending

Sponsors include Americans for Prosperity and the Bozemon Tea Party.

One of the founding principles of American governance is that the sovereign States created a federal government with limited and enumerated powers. The U.S. Constitution defines those limits. Any action taken by the federal government in excess of these enumerated powers is a violation of the liberty of the states and their citizens.

State Director Scott Sales Moves on from Americans for Prosperity

February 10, 2012 J

BOZEMAN, MT –AFP- Montana, the nation’s premier free-market advocate, issued the following statement today:

Former Montana State Director Scott Sales served ably and made great strides in protecting and promoting the free market in Montana,” said Alan Cobb, Vice President of State Operations for Americans for Prosperity. “Scott resigned from his position as Montana State Director this past December, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

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