Stop Obamacare Expansion

January 30, 2015J

Did you hear the Governor’s speech tonight? His plan for Medicaid is outrageous. What’s even more outrageous? We have learned that legislators, from both parties, are planning to put forward a “compromise” plan that will expand Obamacare right here in Montana. It’s unacceptable — especially from those who ran on a platform of “responsible spending”. In November, Montana voters once again overwhelmingly […]

Want An Exemption From ObamaCare?

September 13, 2013J

President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care act, has proven to be anything but. As costs rise and problems associated with the law come to the forefront, more and more of the well-connected and elites have taken measures to excuse themselves from the burdens. Obama claimed, “If you like your plan, you can […]

Oppose Medicaid Expansion Blast Motions in MT House

After the House Human Services Committee tabled the Governor’s Medicaid expansion bill Wednesday night, House Minority Leader Chuck Hunter attempted a blast motion. The blast motion failed by 1 vote, 49-50. However, inside sources reveal that Rep. Hunter will try to blast this motion at every House session up until transmittal of revenue bills on […]