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Brietbart—The Loss of a Lion

March 01, 2012 J

This morning, I turned on Fox News waiting for my coffee to brew as usual. I’m used to hearing the latest on the endless presidential primaries, unemployment, the erosion of our manufacturing capabilities and more recently the tempest over the Koran burning (and the president’s apology).

You get a little numb to it—but not today.

Today the lead story was the tragic and unexpected death of Andrew Brietbart. It jolted me. Only last night, I was speaking to a friend about inviting Andrew to a conference in Billings later this month to be our keynote speaker. It was just a few months ago that we saw him at AFP’s Defending the American Dream Summit and more recently at CPAC. How could a guy so young and energetic be taken so early in life!

State of the State

February 16, 2011 J

In recent weeks I have read the opinions of several of our state officials including both Minority Leaders of the Montana House and Senate. In addition, I listened with great interest to our Governor’s State of the State address. It is their belief that our state government is living within its means, creating jobs, cutting taxes and sitting on a pile of cash just waiting to be spent, by politicians, for the good of the public. However, outside the confines of the State Capitol, the reality for the taxpayer is very different.

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