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Please Join Us for a: Cap Spending Now Rally – Wed. Fed 15th 2:00 PM

February 13, 2012 J


Spending Cap Rally/Press Conference
THIS Wednesday, Feb. 15th 2:00 PM
3rd Floor Rotunda of the MO State Capitol
Jefferson City, MO

Recently, the State House passed Representative Eric Burlison’s Bill HJR 43 calling for a Constitutional amendment to limit spending. The amendment now heads to the Senate. If passed by the Senate the amendment will go before Missouri voters in 2012.

The Missouri State House has taken a stand for fiscal responsibility and limited government. This amendment will require the state government to exercise spending restraint on all future MO budgets, just like Missouri families do every day.

The supporters of this amendment recognize that state government exists for the taxpayers, not the taxpayers for the government.

Confirmed Speakers:

Rep. Eric Burlison – House Bill Sponsor

Rep Tim Jones – Majority Leader

Sen. Brad Lager – State Senator

MO House votes to Cap future Missouri Spending

February 01, 2012 J

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri House members have approved a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that limits increases in state spending.

The measure would cap annual spending increases at 1.5 percent of the revenue collected in the previous year plus the rates of inflation and population change. Additional money would be used for debt and two state reserve funds. Eventually it would permit an income tax cut.

House members on Thursday approved the measure 105-54, which sends the proposal to the Senate.

Majority House Republicans say the spending limit is a priority. Supporters say it would make budget decisions more sustainable and soften the severity of cuts in tight years. Critics argue it would curtail lawmakers’ ability to make decisions.
Approval by the Legislature would put the measure to a statewide vote.

Another $1 TRILLION Deficit

January 31, 2012

By DAVID ROGERS | 1/31/12 10:06 AM EST Updated: 1/31/12 10:28 AM EST
The government faces a fourth year of trillion-plus deficits in 2012, according to new projections released Tuesday—numbers which also show little relief in the future unless Washington comes to grips with needed changes in its tax and spending policies.

Like Aunt Cassandra coming down from the attic, the Congressional Budget Office steps square into the 2012 campaign season with the 147-page report which might have been subtitled “It’s not just the economy stupid, it’s also the debt.”

The $1.079 trillion deficit now projected for this fiscal year ending Sept. 30 is actually worse than what CBO had predicted in August. And to punch home its message, the non-partisan agency outlines an especially grim scenario in which Congress not only extends all the current tax cuts but pulls the plug on the $1.2 trillion in sequester set in motion by the Budget Control Act last summer.

MO Senate Pushed Bill to Stop Obamacare Health Exchanges

January 30, 2012 J

Health exchanges

Uncertainty is stalling some other parts of the Obamacare law from taking root in Missouri. Last year, for example, the legislature debated the creation of a health insurance exchange system through which consumers could shop for the most affordable health coverage. The Missouri House passed a bill, but the issue stalled in the Senate.

In this new session, two state Senate Republicans, Rob Schaaf of St. Joseph and Scott Rupp of Wentzville, have offered SB464. It forbids the governor or any state agency to take any steps to create an exchange unless it is first authorized by state statute. SB464 also calls for submitting the issue to voters in November.

Cut Spending Now Stops in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

October 24, 2011 J

Group stops in Cape Girardeau to lobby for spending cuts
Sunday, October 16, 2011
By Erin Ragan ~ Southeast Missourian

Former Missouri House Speaker Catherine Hanaway speaks to a crowd about cutting back government spending Friday, October 14, 2011 outside Drury Suites in Cape Girardeau. Hanaway spoke as part of the Cut Spending Now tour, a project of Americans for Prosperity.

Americans for Prosperity advocates ending spending on government programs that overlap, reforming the federal workforce, stopping bailouts and subsidies, ending Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, placing all federal welfare funds into block grants and giving control of the grants to states and giving citizens the control of a personal account into which their Social Security contributions are deposited.

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