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AFP-MO Driving to the Dream Bus Package

Join your fellow Missouri freedom fighters in Dallas next month for the Defending the American Dream Summit. We have limited bus space departing from locations throughout the state – ride along with us! The Defending the American Dream Summit brings together AFP activists from all over the country and features prominent speakers and panelists. Among [...]


Support the first Missouri Tax Reduction in over 90 years

August 01, 2013

Let your elected leaders in Jefferson City know that you want to keep more of your hard-earned money. Sign AFP-Missouri’s petition urging state legislators to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of the first tax reduction in 92 years. If you are disappointed in Governor Nixon’s decision to veto the first income tax reduction in 90 [...]

Oppose Medicaid Expansion

August 01, 2013 J

Proponents of big government will stop at nothing to convince the Missouri General Assembly to expand MO Health Net. It is bad policy and will not truly help the citizens of our state that need assistance the most. It will make their access to health care even more difficult because 32% of doctors do not [...]

Cap Spending Now in Missouri

February 05, 2013 J

The Missouri General Assembly is currently debating an important bill, HJR17 that would allow citizens to vote on a constitutional amendment that would cap future spending at 1.5% of the previous year’s revenue in our state. The MO General Assembly can send a message to every Missourian that they are serious about smaller government and [...]