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June 26, 2013 J

By Matthew Roy The President’s Climate Action Plan was released yesterday and, not surprisingly, President Obama is aiming to get government more and more involved in America’s economy in his response to climate change.  His proposed way forward is more billion-dollar spending projects, invasive regulations, and green energy favoritism.  But behind all that desire to [...]

Study Calls into Question Fuel Economy Regulation Benefits

May 29, 2013 J

James Valvo In August 2012, the Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized another increase in the government-mandated corporate average fuel economy standards (CAFE).  The Obama administration claimed that the new 54.5 mpg mandate for cars and light trucks will “save consumers more than $1.7 trillion at the gas pump and reduce U.S. oil consumption [...]


April 09, 2013 J,

In a recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, George Shultz and Gary Becker attempt to argue, again, why a revenue-neutral carbon tax is good policy. Their piece makes several easily refutable claims; let’s take each in turn.

State of MN Requests Input on Environmental Report Card

December 07, 2012 J

AFP-MN encourages activists to provide comments online and attend upcoming public meetings. Gov. Mark Dayton and several of his sub-cabinet state agencies are holding joint Environmental Quality Board forum events around the state this month. This coming week, events will be held in Worthington, St. Cloud, and Moorhead (along with taking public comments online). As [...]

New Minnesota State Director John Cooney

August 26, 2011 J

Welcome new state director John Cooney. Below is John's bio.

John Cooney is a Minnesota native, concerned citizen, hard-working taxpayer, and now the Minnesota State Director of free market grassroots group, Americans for Prosperity.

John Cooney has worked in the field of government affairs and politics for the last 13 years. During his career, Cooney has worked as a government liaison for elected officials, as a political strategist for federal, state and local officials, as well as a grassroots organizer and activist.

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