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Michigan Lawmakers Looking to Halt Common Core Standards

April 26, 2013 J

Michigan lawmakers this week stood up for state sovereignty regarding education policy and passed budgets that prohibit any funding for the controversial Common Core system. Following a conference committee to hammer out differences among the House and Senate budgets, the appropriation bill will go to Governor Snyder's desk. Snyder's proposed 2014 budget did not include any funding for Common Core.

Taxpayers Missing Among Supporters Behind Gas Tax Increase

April 17, 2013 J

Tuesday, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held hearings on three bills: House Bill 4358, 4359, and 4539. Supporters of increasing taxes and fees on Michigan residents were out in plenty; suit after suit appeared to testify in support of raising an additional $1.4-1.6 billion dollars in order to "Fix the Roads." One voice missing from the discussion--You!

There’s No Opting Out of Common Core

April 17, 2013 J

By Casey Given Two weeks ago, Education Week reported that the Department of Education will oversee the design of assessment tests for the Common Core State Standards, confirming suspicions that initiative is nothing less than a federal curriculum for America’s schools. While I’ve already commented on the implications this announcement will have on public schools, Common Core’s federal control does [...]

Letter of Support for HB 4276, End Common Core in Michigan

March 07, 2013 J

We accept in other industries — technology, health care, automotive and manufacturing — that competition drives innovation, lowers prices and all-around improves standards for both products and services. New standards are demanded continuously by the customer and improvements are made as a result. Why don’t we do the same with education? Why does what works elsewhere get discarded so quickly, and what doesn’t work gets tried ad nauseam?

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