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MI Senate Declines to Raise Fuel Taxes

The Michigan Senate has voted against raising taxes in Michigan.  Considering we already have the 5th highest gas tax in the nation, this was an excellent decision.  Write your senator now and say “thank you” for standing up for Michigan taxpayers! Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.


The Never-Ending Push to Increase Gas Taxes… Continues

June 05, 2013 J

The persistent push for increasing taxes by $1.2-$1.6 billion to fund roads continues in Lansing tomorrow. For the second time this week, the House Transportation Committee will be meeting to discuss various bills that would increase the amount of state taxes residents of Michigan will pay per gallon of fuel. Contact your state legislators and tell them NO tax hike, prioritize spending first!

Help Put an End to Common Core in Michigan

June 03, 2013 J

Lawmakers in Michigan look to be hitting the pause button on implementing federal Common Core standards at least until they learn more about them, and how they might impact schools and students. The House and Senate adopted Conference Report for the omnibus appropriation’s bill included a section stating that the Department’s appropriations shall not be […]

Right-to-Work Helps Unions, Too

May 17, 2013 J

I’ve explained in a previous article why the "free rider" argument of unions is legally flawed, but today I’d like to tackle its assumption that collective bargaining is always beneficial to these so-called “freeloaders.”