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Right-to-Work Helps Unions, Too

May 17, 2013 J

I’ve explained in a previous article why the "free rider" argument of unions is legally flawed, but today I’d like to tackle its assumption that collective bargaining is always beneficial to these so-called “freeloaders.”

Medicaid Expansion in Oregon: No Improvement in Health

May 02, 2013 J

Yesterday, the New England Journal of Medicine released a new study with dramatic ramifications on the current Medicaid expansion debate. The study measured the effects of expanding Medicaid to 10,000 individuals in Oregon, and showed that expanded access has no “significant improvement in measured physical health outcomes.” As states grapple with the decision to dramatically expand their Medicaid roles, this study should give everyone pause to ask “is expansion really worth it?”

Questions Raised Over SB 257: Special Assessment Districts

May 01, 2013 J

On behalf of the 88,000 members of Americans for Prosperity-Michigan, I write to express opposition to Senate Bill 257 as it pertains to Business Improvement Zones. We believe there is a high likelihood that the changes this legislation makes to Business Improvement Zones will exacerbate existing potential for these zones to favor certain business over others, and crowd out startup and incubator business.

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