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MI Senate Declines to Raise Fuel Taxes

The Michigan Senate has voted against raising taxes in Michigan.  Considering we already have the 5th highest gas tax in the nation, this was an excellent decision.  Write your senator now and say “thank you” for standing up for Michigan taxpayers! Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.


Insight to Action: Rich States Poor States-Webinar

September 09, 2014

Have you ever wondered why your state’s economy has been failing? Or on the other hand, why your region has been a hub for economic growth and prosperity? On Thursday, September 11, you will have these questions answered by ALEC’s Director of the Center for State Fiscal Reform and the Tax and Fiscal Policy Task [...]

Let the Free Market Determine Mutual Agreements

June 10, 2014

The Senate is considering a bill, HB 5108, that would deregulate ticket resales and allow sellers and buyers to determine mutually agreed upon prices in their own transactions.  The laws currently in place on this issue not only restrict the free market, but their enforcement is an unnecessary waste of state resources. Write your senator [...]

Will MI Senate Give Us Highest Gas Taxes in the Nation?

May 23, 2014 J,

The Michigan House voted to approve legislation that would convert the cents-per-gallon excise tax on fuel to a less-transparent percentage of the wholesale price. In the Senate, the proposal was amended to more than DOUBLE the current excise tax. If approved, this proposal would have Michigan drivers paying the highest taxes on gas in the country, [...]

No More Detroit Bailouts

May 01, 2014

State lawmakers are considering a proposal to send $195 million in state funds to Detroit. Tell your lawmaker: More money is not the answer! No more bailouts for Detroit. Michigan has rewritten its laws many times to give Detroit special treatment and more financial assistance. But all this help has encouraged rather than corrected bad behavior. [...]

Open the Electric Market

April 30, 2014

Lawmakers in the Michigan House will be having a hearing on Tuesday, March 25th to better understand the public support for HB 5184.  This bill would open the energy market and allow supply and demand to determine the items available, and the prices for them. The passage of this bill would save the residents of [...]