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Gov. O’Malley’s 2013 State Budget

January 18, 2012 J

Here are some initial highlights from Governor O'Malley's FY 2013 Budget. As more information comes up we will keep you updated.

The budget is increased by $1 billion or 3%.

Teachers pensions are shifted to the Counties by 50%.

Cap Income Tax Deductions for Higher Earners - Capped at 90% for incomes above $100k Capped at 80% for incomes above $200k

Phase-out Exemptions for Higher Earners Exemptions reduced from $2,400 to $1,200 per person for singles $100-$125k and couples $150-175k Exemptions eliminated for singles above $125k and couples above $175k

Increasing the "Flush Tax." Possibly by tying the increase to consumption.

Governor's Budget Highlights

Increasing Tobacco Prices

Possible Internet Sales Tax

Gov. O'Malley's budget highlights.

New Poll, Same Results – Citizens Reject Increasing The Gas Tax

January 18, 2012 J

[img_assist|nid=26056|title=Source Gonzales Polling|desc=|link=none|align= Center|width=300|height=191]

Opposition against increasing the gas tax has not wavered. Every region in Maryland overwhelmingly rejects a 10 cent increase to the gas tax by a 3 to 1 margin which would kill jobs and increase food and clothing prices.

Maryland is also demanding accountability from their elected officials as 97% of Marylanders oppose indexing the gas tax which would bypass your voice in Annapolis.

In other words Maryland voters want their elected officials to take a vote every time to any increase to the gas tax. Indexing the gas tax means that a single piece of enabling legislation could increase the gas tax automatically without a vote in future years regardless who is in office.

Sustained grassroots pressure from everyday taxpaying Democrats and Republicans have been walking back the from the original proposals: a 15 cent increase to the gas tax and a 6% sales tax on gas.

Maryland Democrats to form “Blue Dog” Caucus

January 16, 2012 J

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that a delegation of House Democrats is forming a "centrist" caucus in the House of Delegates.

How many Democrats will join we will soon see.

Americans for Prosperity Maryland hopes that this new legislative Caucus will be willing to stand up the status quo in Annapolis by refusing to legislate higher taxes on Maryland's middle class and will cease to create a less business friendly environment.

During the 2011 General Assembly the TEA Party Caucus was formed by Del.Mike Smigiel as a bi-partisan group to concentrate on budgetary and tax issues facing Maryland.

AFP-Maryland Demands Gov. O’Malley, Annapolis Politicians AbandonDamaging Gas Tax Hike

January 11, 2012 J

News Release - Gas Tax Jan 10 2012 Sales Tax Being Floated, Another Attack on the Middle Class by O’Malley

January 11, 2012 J

[img_assist|nid=22490|title=Will Gov. O'Malley Tax the Middle Class Again?|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=277|height=300]

Once again Americans for Prosperity members are on the ball as we received tons of messages and notes about Governor O'Malley floating a 1 cent increase of the Sales tax.

How credible a sales tax increase is still yet to be seen as

Annapolis begins it's game of political chess.

However the difference is you can effect their political chess game with your activism throughout the 90 day session.

Be sure to check your email as we will be sending out our calls to action to protect Maryland's middle class and keep our business environment from becoming less friendly

Here are some good articles that articulate the first day of the 2012 Session.

Opening Day Of Session: O'Malley Floats Sales Tax Hike - WBAL

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