Washington lies

History proves Washington lies.  Come with us to the State House on Wednesday to help Maine from accepting the BIG lie: Obamacare Medicaid expansion will save money. Join us to give a thumbs-up to the legislators who stand for the truth and recognize what a budget buster Medicaid Expansion would be. Let’s tell the others […]

no more empty promises

December 10, 2013J,

The new budget agreement in Congress is another trillion-dollar backdoor deal that will increase government spending. If passed, this new increase will break Congress’ prior promise to cap spending at $967 billion, which was in the bipartisan supported Budget Control Act, or BCA. Government spending is out of control. The risky fiscal policies of our […]

Spending IS the problem

October 20, 2013J,

We have been fighting for years to curb the out-of-control and wasteful Washington spending practices that have driven us even further into debt.  But for some reason too many Washington politicians are still wasting your hard-earned tax dollars on unnecessary government programs. They don’t seem to understand that spending IS the problem. If you agree […]

What will cost you more tomorrow?

October 01, 2013J,

Beginning tomorrow, be prepared to pay more for many of the goods and services you consume. Prices aren’t going up on most items but the taxes you pay will. On October 1st, the new budget for the state kicks in. Part of that budget, as approved by the legislature, is a 10% increase in the […]