AFP-Louisiana Launches Effort to Secure Paycheck Protection Legislation

April 28, 2015

Group is engaging citizens across the state with canvassing, website, mail, phone banks. BATON ROUGE — Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana is continuing a push to secure paycheck protection legislation in the state, ahead of a scheduled committee vote this Thursday. The group has invested in direct mail around the state to educate Louisianans about the fact […]

AFP-LA to Lawmakers: No More Medicaid Expansion Attempts

April 27, 2015

BATON ROUGE – Volunteers from the Louisiana chapter of Americans for Prosperity are making phone calls into the capitol to once again oppose Medicaid expansion bills that are now perennially pushed by various lawmakers. The group released a robust legislative agenda for the 2015 session, including advocating for paycheck protection, but State Director Phillip Joffrion […]

AFP to Congress: Expedite Liquefied Natural Gas Projects

January 27, 2015

Group’s activists plan to contact Louisiana delegation to express support. BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana chapter of Americans for Prosperity is urging the state’s Congressional delegation to support legislation that would expedite the approve process for liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects, including H.R. 351. According to estimates, the bill could help create as many as […]

AFP: Louisiana Chapter will Fight for National Reform Agenda

January 16, 2015

Group will push for federal reforms, follow up with ground force in Louisiana. BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana chapter announced today it would activate the unprecedented grassroots force built last year to advance the group’s national agenda, Reform America 2015. Those priorities will include changes to ObamaCare, the energy sector and the federal budget process. The public can view AFP’s […]

AFP Reacts to Louisiana Senate Results

December 07, 2014

BATON ROUGE — Americans for Prosperity released the following statement on the heels of the Louisiana Senate runoff results: “Mary Landrieu stopped listening to Louisiana a long time ago, and started listening to her friends inside the Beltway instead,” said AFP-Louisiana State Director Phillip Joffrion. “Louisianans had plenty to be upset about: vote after vote […]