Legislative Alerts

Louisiana, Urge your Legislators to Say No to Medicaid Expansion

March 21, 2015

Louisiana joined 25 other states in challenging the expansion of Medicaid in the President’s health care law was unconstitutional. Now, supporters of the law are urging Louisiana to reverse its position and expand the broken, costly Medicaid system. Click HERE to stop Medicaid expansion today!

Say No to the Gas Tax Hike!

February 18, 2015

Just when we thought we had some relief at the gas pump, some lawmakers on Capitol Hill have begun to call for an increase in the nation’s gas tax. This is a misguided proposal that will hurt the economy and make life more difficult for millions of Americans who have benefited significantly from the sharp drop in prices. Stand […]

Fight for Paycheck Protection for Louisianans!

January 13, 2015

Right now in Louisiana, taxpayers are being forced to pay for the government to deduct union dues from state employee paychecks on behalf of public employee unions. Those unions then use the dues you helped them collect, in order to fund their extensive political advocacy efforts, regardless of whether taxpayers support their beliefs. This is […]

Insight to Action: How Do You Talk to Your Friends About the Negative Impact of ObamaCare?

October 01, 2014

We all know the Affordable Care Act was a failed attempt at reforming the healthcare system.  Now we must properly message the dangers of the healthcare overhaul to our friends, family, and local community. Join us on Thursday, October 9th, as Avik Roy, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and Opinion Editor at Forbes, explains […]

Insight to Action: Spreading the Message of Freedom- Webinar

September 16, 2014

Make sure you tune into this week’s Insight to Action webinar with Dr. Arthur Brooks. Dr. Brooks will be discussing how to correctly deliver our message of freedom and prosperity so it can spread like wild fire throughout our local communities. Dr. Brooks is the president of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Before leading AEI, […]