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AFP is Debunking the Debunkers on Taxes and Growth

By AFP State Policy Manager Nicole Kaeding While Congress and the President currently debate the best path to hold off the upcoming fiscal cliff, many states across the country have already tackled similar challenges this year. Some states took up the challenge of passing tax reform, but others decided to follow failed tax-and-spend policies. The [...]


2013 Kansas Debt Facts

September 12, 2013 J,

Overspending by state government has burdened Kansas taxpayers through the years.  Let’s look at the numbers – just how much have we over spent, and what steps have been taken to put us back on the path to fiscal responsibility? From 1994 to 2013 our state’s population grew 13.5 percent while state spending rose over [...]

Stand UP for smaller government

September 10, 2013 J,

We’ve taken our message of less government and more freedom to the 2013 Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, and we hope you’ll stop by our booth if you’re in the area. We’re asking fair-goers to support petitions on three critical areas of Kansas policy: Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), Medicaid expansion and state spending. We’re getting [...]

Upcoming meetings: September 10 in Wichita

September 05, 2013 J

You are invited to join the Wichita area chapter of Americans for Prosperity for our monthly meeting on September 10. Join us at 7 p.m. Sept. 10 at Spangles Restaurant (612 S. Broadway) for a continuation of our discussion of the book “We Still Hold These Truths,” by Matthew Spalding of The Heritage Foundation. Michael [...]

Defending The American Dream/RightOnline

September 03, 2013 J,

The AFP Foundation 2013 Defending the American Dream Summit and RightOnline have come and gone, and both events were a great success. We are grateful to the Kansans who made the trip out to Orlando to join us, and we missed all of you who could not be there, but please check out the AFP [...]

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