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Protect Kansas Workers from being forced to Subsidize Political Causes

January 25, 2013 J

HB 2023, otherwise known as “paycheck protection,” would prohibit units of government from automatically deducting funds used for political activities from paychecks. Currently, a unit of government can process automatic paycheck deductions that are then contributed to a public union’s political action committee. We believe our government should not be processing these types of transactions. [...]

Wall Street Journal: A Wichita Shocker

March 06, 2012 J

Last week, Wichita residents voted against big government, defeating a guest tax subsidy which would have amounted to roughly $2.25 million in guest tax revenues over the next 15 years. This success was due in large part to the work of Americans for Prosperity.

The Wall Street Journal published an article on March 6, "A Wichita Shocker: You can beat city hall."

"The elites are stunned, but they shouldn't be. The core issue is fairness—and not of the soak-the-rich kind that President Obama practices. One of the leaders of the opposition, Derrick Sontag, director of Americans for Prosperity in Kansas, says that what infuriated voters was the veneer of "political cronyism," WSJ said.

Why Kansas Needs Tax Reform

March 05, 2012 J

The Tax Foundation has released a new study on business taxes, and what they have to say isn't good news for Kansas business owners. "Location Matters -- Business Tax Costs in 50 States," was released last week.

A look at this study shows why Kansas needs tax reform, and why our state government needs to stop picking winners and losers in the marketplace.

Read KansasWatchDog's report on it by clicking here.

Kansas Legislature Debating Tax Reform

February 15, 2012 J

The Kansas Legislature is currently debating tax reform. Tax reform is all about job creation, and that's why we believe legislators must address it this year. Watch the TV ad we launched with the Kansas Policy Institute to see why this is so important.

Wichita Activists Wrap Up Petition Drive

December 06, 2011 J

A hearty "thank you" is in order for the thousands of Wichitans who made the effort to add their signature to the protest petition circulated by the Wichita AFP chapter and other local groups who believe one local hotel should not get a better tax break than its competitors.

In September, the Wichita City Council approved an incentive package for developers of Ambassador Hotel downtown, including a provision allowing the hotel to keep 75 percent of the guest tax it charges its customers. Activists launched an effort to collect enough signatures of registered voters to put this portion of the incentive package up for a public vote. Just over 2,500 signatures were required for the effort, but thanks to the dedication of activists willing to circulate the petition we turned in more than 3,500 signatures on Monday.

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