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Protect Kansas Workers from being forced to Subsidize Political Causes

January 25, 2013 J

HB 2023, otherwise known as “paycheck protection,” would prohibit units of government from automatically deducting funds used for political activities from paychecks. Currently, a unit of government can process automatic paycheck deductions that are then contributed to a public union’s political action committee. We believe our government should not be processing these types of transactions. [...]

EPA regulations mean higher energy prices, less energy reliability, lost jobs

March 09, 2012 J

TOPEKA, KAN. – In light of Monday’s scheduled visit from a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official, the Kansas chapter of the grassroots group Americans for Prosperity reminds Kansans of the cumbersome regulations imposed by the EPA that are wreaking havoc on our state and nation’s economy.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is scheduled to speak Monday afternoon in Lawrence. Her visit to Kansas comes on the heels of the EPA’s finalized Mercury and Air Toxics rule (commonly called the “Utility MACT”) being published in February. The rule requires coal- and oil-fired power plants to install expensive scrubbers or other equipment to reduce emissions of mercury, nine other metals, and three acid gases by 91 percent within three years. It has been identified as the most costly in U.S. history.

Wall Street Journal: A Wichita Shocker

March 06, 2012 J

Last week, Wichita residents voted against big government, defeating a guest tax subsidy which would have amounted to roughly $2.25 million in guest tax revenues over the next 15 years. This success was due in large part to the work of Americans for Prosperity.

The Wall Street Journal published an article on March 6, "A Wichita Shocker: You can beat city hall."

"The elites are stunned, but they shouldn't be. The core issue is fairness—and not of the soak-the-rich kind that President Obama practices. One of the leaders of the opposition, Derrick Sontag, director of Americans for Prosperity in Kansas, says that what infuriated voters was the veneer of "political cronyism," WSJ said.

Upcoming Meetings: March 12 in Wichita

March 05, 2012 J

Join us for the Wichita AFP Chapter meeting at 7 p.m. March 12 at the Alford Branch of the Wichita Public Library (3447 S. Meridian). The group will be watching a portion of the updated and revised DVD series of Dr. Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose." Monday's meeting will feature "The Tyranny of Control," followed by a group discussion. For more information, contact Wichita AFP volunteer coordinator John Todd at john@johntodd.net or AFP Kansas grassroots coordinator Susan Estes at sestes@afphq.org.

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