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Minimum Wage: $9 just as bad as $10

March 14, 2014 J

By Thomas Fletcher While most members of Congress are beginning to shy away, Democratic leaders are trying to salvage their misguided plans to raise the minimum wage by floating an option that would raise it $9 as opposed to $10.10. If this is the best bad option that liberals can muster, then American businesses and [...]

Perpetually Indebted Amtrak Wants to Offer Free Rides

March 14, 2014 J

The multiple folds of irony are all most too much to handle. The nation’s government-run passenger rail service – which has never once in more than four decades turned a profit and relies on perpetual taxpayer handouts) plans to start offering free rides to writers.

Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in Federal Spending

March 11, 2014 J

By Christine Harbin Hanson The federal government spent over $100 billion in taxpayer funds improperly in 2012— one element of that notorious “waste, fraud, and abuse” in federal spending that we hear so much about. Scholars at the Mercatus Center recently released a chart that shows the breakdown of these improper payments across federal programs. [...]

Congress Should Delete Unfair, Illegal Internet Tax Proposal

March 11, 2014 J

By Christine Harbin Hanson The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the internet sales tax this week. Americans for Prosperity strongly opposes this misguided tax on online sales from out-of-state retailers, and we call on Chairman Goodlatte and his colleagues in the House of Representatives to oppose it, too. Internet sales tax legislation [...]

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