Letter Thanking Chairmen Upton and Walden for Broadband Spectrum Provisions

Mobile broadband is a major driver of economic growth, innovation, and job creation, but is threatened by spectrum scarcity. You have successfully negotiated a deal that will make high-quality spectrum available to the private sector to continue the mobile broadband boom, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Technology Legislative Alerts

Evidence Shows Government Has No Place in the Broadband Market

March 27, 2014 J,

In today’s information age, constant connection to the internet is becoming a cultural necessity. With the increased use of data and demand for better networks across the country, it’s not surprising that some would like to see governments infiltrate this market by offering their own internet services, often referred to as "municipal broadband". Yet despite the huge debts incurred by taxpayers and the widespread failure of municipal broadband projects, the public sector continues to risk taxpayer dollars meddling in a highly competitive market that they would be best served to stay out of.

Backgrounder on Broadcast Retransmission Consent

March 01, 2014 J

Back in the early 1990s, Congress feared that the cable industry posed a major threat to over-the-air broadcasting and needed to be regulated. Lawmakers passed a law that governs how cable and satellite companies carry signals from TV broadcasters, called retransmission consent, in the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992. While a [...]

Coalition Urges Senate Judiciary To Approve Patent Reform

January 30, 2014 J,

Americans for Prosperity is proud to join coalition partners in calling for the United States Senate to take up patent reform. The current system needs to be updated so that it promotes innovation while ensuring inventors are compensated for their work. Today the coalition sent the following letter to Capitol Hill: Like this post? Chip [...]

Court Ruling on Net Neutrality is a Step in the Right Direction

January 22, 2014 J

By Kuper Jones Last week the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals made an important ruling in favor of a free and unfettered internet. The high profile case, Verizon v. FCC, has been the focal point of the net neutrality debate.  The determination is a significant blow to the 2010 Open Internet Order as it strips [...]

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