Sorry, Mr. President, The Internet Isn’t a 19th Century Railroad

November 13, 2014J

By Kuper Jones This week, President Obama came out in support of far-reaching new regulations that would grant unprecedented new government control over the internet, threatening the largely free and unfettered market that has allowed our digital economy to flourish. Proclaiming that the web is in need of so-called “net neutrality,” President Obama voiced support […]

FCC Merger Review Practices Highly Questionable

August 15, 2014J

By Kuper Jones In an era driven by technology, we have seen investments by both private and public sectors to ensure that America continues to be a leader in technological advancements. In part, many of these investments consist of well-established technology leaders either buying or merging with other companies so they can offer consumers and […]

Internet Sales Tax Proposal Rears its Ugly Head in the Senate

July 24, 2014J,

By Christine Harbin Hanson With only one week left before August recess, Congress has no shortage of serious issues to address— spending bills, the extension of expiring tax breaks,  highway funding legislation, and a host of other pressing policy priorities.  Instead of focusing on these higher-priority issues, however, the Senate is poised to consider one that’s […]

FCC Internet Woes – Delayed Net Neutrality Comment Period Deadline

July 16, 2014J

Tuesday was supposed to be the filing deadline for comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) regarding the hotly debated topic of so-called “net neutrality.” That deadline, however, has been pushed back to Friday – thanks to a style breakdown of the FCC’s online comment system. It is almost impossible to overlook the irony here –Chairman Wheeler thinks he knows what is best for the internet, yet the agency he chairs can’t keep their commenting system online for what is arguably the hottest topic the agency has considered – or likely will consider – in years.