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FCC Internet Woes – Delayed Net Neutrality Comment Period Deadline

July 16, 2014 J

Tuesday was supposed to be the filing deadline for comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) regarding the hotly debated topic of so-called “net neutrality.” That deadline, however, has been pushed back to Friday – thanks to a healthcare.gov style breakdown of the FCC’s online comment system. It is almost impossible to overlook the irony here –Chairman Wheeler thinks he knows what is best for the internet, yet the agency he chairs can’t keep their commenting system online for what is arguably the hottest topic the agency has considered – or likely will consider – in years.

The Bureaucrats in the Back Seat

June 25, 2014 J,

By Maddison Abboud In a high-tech society that values fast, easy, and efficient transactions, smart phone apps are quickly replacing traditional ways of doing business. Ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft are at the forefront of this advanced technology. Through these new apps, users can digitally order cars and limos to pick them up [...]

Utah Confirms Municipal Broadband is No Utopia

May 14, 2014 J,

Cities across the country that have attempted municipal broadband projects have experienced widespread failure and only have mountains of debt and unsustainable networks to show for it. UTOPIA is no exception and further exemplifies why governments have no place in broadband markets.

Evidence Shows Government Has No Place in the Broadband Market

March 27, 2014 J,

In today’s information age, constant connection to the internet is becoming a cultural necessity. With the increased use of data and demand for better networks across the country, it’s not surprising that some would like to see governments infiltrate this market by offering their own internet services, often referred to as "municipal broadband". Yet despite the huge debts incurred by taxpayers and the widespread failure of municipal broadband projects, the public sector continues to risk taxpayer dollars meddling in a highly competitive market that they would be best served to stay out of.