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The Hospital Lobby’s Very Good Deal

The hospital lobby is out in force urging states to expand their Medicaid programs. Their faulty claims are spurring Republicans governors to embrace the giant expansion of the broken, costly Medicaid program. This week, Governor Kasich of Ohio and Governor Snyder of Michigan became the fifth and sixth Republican governors to announce their desires to further embrace consolidated federal health care through the expansion. But why would hospitals who are focused on delivering high-quality health care to their patients embrace such a bad idea? The answer: Protecting their bottom-line.

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President Obama: Ignoring Human Incentives

February 27, 2014 J

Obamacare has the intention of providing healthcare to millions of previously uninsured, however; the results of the program are devastating not only for the millions who have lost health care, but because of the incentives that create long term negative economic effects to those it intends to help.

AFP Supports Rubio-Griffin No Obamacare Bailout Legislation

January 22, 2014 J

Dear Senator Rubio and Representative Griffin: On behalf of more than two million Americans for Prosperity activists in all 50 states, I write in strong support for your legislation to eliminate section 1342 of President’s health care law, the “risk corridor” provision. Your legislation, the Obamacare Bailout Prevention Act (S.1726 and H.R. 3541), would revoke [...]

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