AFP Letter to Congress on Continuing Resolution Priorities

Dear Members of the United States Congress: On behalf of 2.5 million activists in all fifty states, Americans for Prosperity urges you to consider the following principles as you consider legislation providing funding following September 30. Extend current spending levels into the 114th Congress. While current spending levels are already too high, the legislature should […]

Obama’s International Climate Scheme Sidesteps Constitution, Common-Sense

September 09, 2014J

By Justin Sykes In a move that seems to be all-too-familiar for this administration, the President is slated to try and bypass Congress and the American public yet again, this time in order to join an international climate change agreement. The expected agreement is highly controversial, and has generated opposition across the political spectrum – […]

EPA Withholds Critical Data about New Power Plant Rules

August 27, 2014J

President Obama’s beleaguered Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has faced much criticism for the wide-reaching rules on power plants it recently proposed. American families and businesses are rightly worried that this new proposed rule would hurt economic growth and job creation and provide little if any benefit. Last week bought another of challenge to the new rules.

AFP Applauds Rep. Pompeo for Letter Opposing Wind Energy Handouts

August 12, 2014J

by Christine Harbin Hanson Opposition to handouts for wind energy is growing at the grassroots level, and it appears that lawmakers on Capitol Hill are beginning to take note. Congressman Mike Pompeo recently released a “Dear Colleague letter” with the signatures of over 50 of his House Colleagues, calling on Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader […]