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Another Approach to Carbon Emissions

June 26, 2013 J

The President’s Climate Action Plan was released yesterday and, not surprisingly, President Obama is aiming to get government more and more involved in America’s economy in his response to climate change. His proposed way forward is more billion-dollar spending projects, invasive regulations, and green energy favoritism. But behind all that desire to reduce carbon emissions is the market, which has driven the biggest reductions in emissions, something the President claims to support.

Specious Endangerment

June 13, 2013 J

Environmentalists and regulators have long used the now 40-year-old Endangered Species Act (ESA) as a tool to obstruct economic progress anywhere that business crosses paths with nature. ESA has been the spring board from which the federal government launches broad, economically-destructive restrictions on people to promote the well-being of animals. Fanatically scurrying to Mother Nature's defense, powerful regulators clumsily rush hyper-protective regulations that misidentify environmental threats, incorrectly target and restrict benign human activity, and ignore the resulting consequences that Americans suffer.

Tax Reform Working Groups Sandbag for Carbon Tax?

June 03, 2013 J,

Senator Max Baucus and Representative Dave Camp continue to move forward on tax reform.  A package that simplifies and flattens the code while lowering rates is badly needed and could help reinvigorate our stagnant economy.  One of the dangers of comprehensive reform is that economically-damaging policies can work their way into the code too.  Earlier [...]

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