As Interest Rates Double, We Need Less Gov’t, Not More

Borrowing costs for as many as 7 million students who use federally subsidized Stafford loans will increase abruptly if Congress does not change existing law. Many have criticized Congress for allowing this rate reset to happen, but few recognize a more serious underlying problem surrounding this issue. Rather than calling for more knee-jerk legislation, the public should question why the government is so deeply involved with higher education funding in the first place. The reality is that government loans are a root cause for skyrocketing tuition prices, massive student debt, and high undergraduate unemployment.

Quiet Cronyism: The Export-Import Bank of the United States

By Steven Russell The Export-Import Bank is “little more than a fund for corporate welfare” said then-Senator Barack Obama on the campaign trail in 2008. And yet, President Obama decided to re-charter the Export-Import Bank of the United States in 2012, signing a bill would raise the bank’s lending limit to $140 billion by 2014. […]