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The Student Loan Bubble Looks like “Déjà Vu”

Higher education is following the same pattern that housing did in the lead up to the 2008 financial crisis. Just like in housing during the previous decade, a student lending “bubble” is now being inflated by heavy federal interventions that could have severe unintended consequences.

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Flawed Eminent Domain Proposal Still Being Pushed

January 09, 2013 J

By Jason Hughey Yesterday, the Center for American Progress hosted a panel on the topic of “Eminent Domain as a Means to Reduce Principal.”  Back in September, AFP’s sister organization submitted a comment on this same proposal to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).  In the comment, several questionable aspects of the proposal were identified, [...]

The Government Fails on Housing…Again

November 20, 2012 J

By Jason Hughey Several months ago, I wrote that, “The first rule of government intervention in housing is that government should stop intervening in housing.” News broke at the end of last week that further confirmed the soundness of this rule.  On Thursday, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) released its 2012 actuarial report that revealed [...]

The Mortgage Settlement: All Bark But No Bite

October 23, 2012 J

By Jason Hughey Back in February, news of the $25 billion mortgage settlement sent mixed signals.  Some thought that it fairly punished the big banks for their alleged role in the 2008 financial collapse while others counted that the settlement didn’t go far enough.  In reality, both sides overlooked the fact that using government to [...]

AFP’s Sister Organization Comments on Flawed Eminent Domain Proposal

September 05, 2012 J,

Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF), the sister organization of Americans for Prosperity, has submitted a comment to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) in response to the agency’s notice regarding the “Use of Eminent Domain to Restructure Performing Loans.” Recently, Ed DeMarco, acting director of the FHFA, publicly expressed opposition to the plan being considered by the county of San Bernardino in California to utilize the power of eminent domain to seize and refinance underwater mortgages with the assistance of Mortgage Resolution Partners, a California-based investment firm.

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