Coalition to Congress: Let the Export-Import Bank Expire

Americans for Prosperity is proud to lead a coalition of organizations calling on Congress to let the Export-Import Bank expire. For too long the bank has benefited large, politically connected corporations at the expense of small and mid-size businesses. Furthermore, taxpayers are on the hook for the loans made by the bank who have a […]

AFP Supports Fannie-Freddie Debt Elimination Act

February 12, 2015J

Dear Representative Duncan, On behalf of more than two million Americans for Prosperity activists in all 50 states, I write in strong support of your legislation the Fannie-Freddie Debt Elimination Act. This bill will kill two birds with one stone by addressing two serious burdens shouldered by the American people: the national debt and Fannie […]

With Export-Import Bank, the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

resh off from its nine month reauthorization thanks to free riding on the must pass resolution to continue funding the federal government, the Export -Import Bank is back up to its old tricks – awarding taxpayer backed goodies to some questionable foreign recipients. This time those goodies came in the form of recently announced handouts to Pemex, the infamous Mexican State owned Oil Company, that cashed in this month on over $1 billion dollars in long term loan guarantees from the Export-Import Bank.

Thanks to Free Ride on Funding Measure, Ex-Im Survives … For Now

Congress has returned to Washington after a 5 week hiatus to deal pressing problems facing the nation both here at home and abroad. Unfortunately, the definition of what constitutes a pressing issue is often different in Washington’s marbled halls than in Main Street America. In no case is that more clear than with the last minute extension of the controversial Export-Import Bank.

Export-Import Bank: Privatized Gains and Socialized Losses

Much has been written over the costs and shortcomings of the beleaguered bank as well as its corporate welfare aspects. In fact, one notable politician called Ex-Im “little more than a fund for corporate welfare” – but that was before he was elected president. What has been less discussed, however, is that for every job the Ex-Im bank “supports “it destroys as many, if not more, American jobs.