Budget & Spending

Government at all levels is too expensive.  Spending is the real cost of government because every dollar they spend is removed from the private economy through taxation, borrowing or inflation.  Large and expensive government...

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Important Legislation

Rep. Fleischmann’s EASY Savings Act

This bill would provide better incentives for federal agencies...

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Cut Spending Now!

The federal government has a spending problem. Take action...

Energy & Environment

Abundant, affordable energy is a key driver of prosperity. We must unleash resources by removing regulatory barriers and keeping taxes low.  The environment improves with economic growth and prosperity, so an overriding goal of...

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Important Legislation

Sen. Barrasso’s Legislation Repealing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

This would eliminate the government mandate that refiners blend...

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End Wind Subsidies, Let the Energy Market Work

Politicians of all stripes frequently say they’re for simplifying...

Banking & Financial Services

Our financial system is burdened with overlapping, counterproductive regulations.  Housing finance is distorted by government-sponsored entities.  Markets should allocate capital so participants can see the positive and negative results of their risk taking. Like...

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Important Legislation

Lee-Amash Legislation Terminating Export-Import Bank

Americans deserve a fair international trade policy that is...

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Repeal Dodd-Frank

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform bill was supposed to...

Legislative Alerts

Taxpayer Bribes for Brazil Cotton Farmers?

April 15, 2014 J

By Christine Harbin Hanson History is repeating itself. Brazil cotton farmers are currently filing a case against the United States at the World Trade Organization (WTO), claiming that American cotton subsidies are too high.  And once again, Uncle Sam is digging deeper into America’s collective wallet in search of “protection money.” The last time this [...]

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