Legislative Alerts

Senate should join House by passing zero-base budget bill

May 21, 2015J

By Drew Klein Sioux City Journal Iowa has a spending problem. There’s no silver bullet solution, but implementing zero-base budgeting would go a long way toward reversing the trend of automatic spending increases, which ultimately lead to government waste, inefficiency and higher taxes. Iowa’s spending increases every year with little scrutiny. The debate is framed […]

Tell your Legislator You Deserve a Flat-Tax Option

March 19, 2015

Iowans deserve a simpler and fairer tax code. AFP supports a 4.5% flat-tax option for all taxpayers. Under this system not a single Iowan will pay higher taxes. According to the non-partisan Legislative Services Agency, nearly 39 percent of taxpayers would choose a flat tax, saving them close to $400 million.   If you agree, […]

Take Action to Stop the Gas Tax Hike

February 04, 2015

Just when we thought we had some relief at the gas pump, some lawmakers on Capitol Hill have begun to call for an increase in the nation’s gas tax. This is a misguided proposal that will hurt the economy and make life more difficult for millions of Americans who have benefited significantly from the sharp drop in prices. Stand […]

Stand with AFP to Repeal the Death Tax

January 10, 2015

The death tax, also known as the estate tax, is a tax on a person’s assets at death. Family-owned farms and businesses are most vulnerable to the death tax. When one generation wishes to pass family business assets down to the next generation, the death tax can threaten the continued viability of the business’ operations. […]

Insight to Action: How Do You Talk to Your Friends About the Negative Impact of ObamaCare?

October 01, 2014

We all know the Affordable Care Act was a failed attempt at reforming the healthcare system.  Now we must properly message the dangers of the healthcare overhaul to our friends, family, and local community. Join us on Thursday, October 9th, as Avik Roy, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and Opinion Editor at Forbes, explains […]