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Big Government Braley Tour launches

August 08, 2013

The Big Government Braley Tour launched this week with Congressman King in Fort Dodge and Carroll, Iowa. These daytime events drew large crowds eager to hear more about the spending record of Congressman Bruce Braley. AFP-Iowa state director Mark Lucas introduced Congressman King to a crowd of over 30 people in Fort Dodge early Tuesday […]

AFP-Iowa at the Iowa Bacon Bowl

July 22, 2013

Did you know that your U.S. Government spends $100,000 each year on expenses for the president’s dog? Did you know that NASA spends $1 Million annually developing recipes for pizzas and other foods to be served on Mars? How about the $145,000 that the state of Iowa spent from its highway funds to build a […]

May 8&9: Spending Accountability Tour

May 10, 2013 J

The Spending Accountability tour continues here in Iowa where we have made recent stops in Ottumwa, Fairfield and Ankeny. One of the things that we are discovering here in Iowa is that many Conservatives feel like they exist with just a few others in their community. That may be true but we are working hard […]

May 6&7: Spending Accountability Tour

May 08, 2013 J

On Monday, I ate lunch with a crowd of conservatives in West Des Moines. With 17 people in attendance, our discussion managed to cover a wide range of topics from the gas tax to education reform. Towards the end of the meal, the conversation started turning until we arrived at a great question; what are […]

May 3: Spending Accountability Tour

May 06, 2013 J

Yesterday morning I left Des Moines and drove north into whiteout conditions. The first stop of the day was Hampton, Iowa where we sat in a small cafĂ©, drank coffee and talked about the issues of the day. As we have been doing, I asked what the local issues were. Unlike many of our other […]