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April 24: Spending Accountability Tour

April 24, 2013 J

The day started early for our Spending Accountability Tour this morning in Iowa City. We rolled up in the Prosperity ‘Burb (the name we have given our Suburban) at a conservative breakfast club in Iowa City (which, incidentally, I helped co-found). We had a great time discussing the important issues that are facing our state [...]

Spending Accountability Tour

April 24, 2013 J

Today we took our Spending Accountability Tour vehicle to Newton, Iowa. Our bright green Suburban sure gets a lot of curious looks on the interstate. It boldly says Cut Spending and Cut Taxes. We also have a link to our website CutIowaTaxes.com that allows folks to e-mail their representatives in Iowa to prioritize spending and [...]

Mark Lucas on Expanding Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

April 17, 2013

AFP-Iowa state director, Mark Lucas, discusses the expansion of medicaid and how Iowa leaders and politicians need to stand strong and do the right thing for Iowa citizens, families, and taxpayers. Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.

Americans for Prosperity – Iowa Applauds Branstad’s Property Tax Reform

March 21, 2013

FAILURE TO REFORM WILL RESULT IN $2 BILLION TAX INCREASE IOWA CITY, IA – Americans for Prosperity – Iowa, the state’s leading taxpayer advocate, today announced its grassroots support for Governor Brandstad’s proposed property tax reform. “All Iowans deserve a property tax cut,” explained Mark Lucas, State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Iowa. “AFP [...]

Op-Ed: Mark Lucas Says Defense Dept. Can Afford Cuts Under Sequestration

March 01, 2013

The sequester scare tactics displayed in Washington is the reason why people have lost faith in our government. Our elected officials will say or do anything in hopes of avoiding making cuts and becoming buddies with lobbyists. Unfortunately, even some conservatives are falling for the absurd claim that the defense department cannot afford the sequester [...]

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