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Indiana Embraces Worker Freedom

February 01, 2012 J,

For Immediate Release – Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Contact: Chase Downham, (317) 627-1451, cdownham@afphq.org

Indiana Embraces Worker Freedom

Right to Work to Bring Jobs and Workplace Freedom

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Today, Indiana’s state Senate stood up for Hoosier workers by passing legislation to make Indiana the 23rd Right to Work state. The bill has already passed the Indiana House and now heads to Governor Mitch Daniels, who will sign it later today.

“Today is a great day for Indiana’s workers and everyone who agrees that no one should be forced to join a union as a condition of employment,” says Chase Downham, State Director of AFP-IN. “By recognizing worker freedom, Indiana makes itself a beacon for jobs in the Midwest."

Let’s Finish the Job and Make Indiana a Right to Work State!

January 31, 2012 J,

Indiana is very close to becoming the 23rd Right to Work state, but our effort to bring jobs and workplace freedom to Indiana is not over! The Indiana State Senate still must vote on the House version of Right to Work (House Bill 1001) before this important legislation can move forward to the Governor.

Union bosses from across the country are doing everything they can to stop this move to bring freedom to the workplace. They have even tried to intimidate state senators to voting their way by protesting at their homes in front of their families. We need to make sure that state senators who have supported Right to Work continue to do so.

Right to Work Gives Economic Freedom to Hoosier Workers

January 18, 2012 J,

Economic freedom is often conflated with “business interests.” In reality, economic freedom is about promoting the individual’s interest. The Indiana State Legislature has great opportunity this year to advance economic freedom for our state’s individual workers.

Economic freedom enables individuals to build prosperity for themselves and their families. Workers enjoy economic freedom to the extent that they are able to freely offer their time and labor to potential employers. Unfortunately, Indiana law makes it difficult for the state’s workers to offer their labor to an employer if they object to joining a union or paying compulsory union dues. This is a result of the special protections for Indiana’s unions which allow them to form “union shops” and deny employment to non-union members. Workers who object to joining the local union or paying union dues may find themselves out of work.

Indiana should end this practice by passing a Right to Work law.

Indiana’s Right to Work

January 10, 2012 J,

Great post from the Wall Street Journal. If Indiana passes a right to work law it will "send a message that even voters in industrial states realize that their overall business climate must take precedence over union power."

The labor reform story of the year is unfolding in Indiana, which Republicans who dominate the legislature are trying to make the nation's 23rd right-to-work state. Democrats are resorting to the old run-and-hide ploy, but this could be a huge economic boon to the Hoosier State.

Big Labor portrays right to work as a radical change, but it merely lets individual workers decide if they want to join a union. In non-right-to-work states, workers typically must pay union dues once their worksite is organized—whether they want to pay or not. This enhances union clout and the cash to dominate state politics.

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