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Budget & Spending Issues

Support Lower Taxes for Hoosiers

January 28, 2013 J,

Governor Pence has submitted a budget to the General Assembly that maintains Indiana’s fiscal integrity while putting more tax dollars back into the pockets of taxpayers. We feel Hoosiers have earned an income tax cut and are advocating the General Assembly to pass the Pence Budget which includes a 10% income tax cut for Hoosier [...]

Cut Spending Now!

December 03, 2012 J

Washington has an unsustainable spending problem. With federal spending up $1 trillion since 2007 and a national debt exceeding $16 trillion, it is long post time to rein in spending. Take action today and tell Congress that it’s time to break its out-of-control spending habit. Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.

President’s Budget is More of the Same

March 05, 2012 J

Shortly after his inauguration, President Obama released his first budget proposal to the American people and Congress. During his announcement, the president promised that he would “cut the deficit, we inherited, by half by the end of my first term in office.”

AFP – Indiana Legislative Update

February 07, 2012 J

The first half of Indiana’s legislative session was anything but business a usual. As we head into the second half of the legislative session, we thought we would take this opportunity to give you a quick update of what has happened so far and what we hope will happen in the remainder of the 2012 session.

HB 1001, Employee’s Right to Work: With successful votes in both the House and Senate along with Governor Daniels’ signature, Indiana became the 23rd state and the first in a decade to adopt a Right to Work law. AFP-Indiana was very supportive of this effort to provide freedom in the workplace. With your help we were able to send over a thousand emails and postcards to the General Assembly. In addition, we targeted specific state legislators with direct mail urging constituents to contact them in support of Right to Work.

AFP – Indiana Update

January 23, 2012 J

Hope everyone is doing well. There are just a few updates on the AFP-Indiana front.

Yesterday marked the start of National School Choice Week. In coordination with other school choice advocates, Americans for Prosperity Foundation will be holding a number of events across the country to renew American Exceptionalism in education. Here in Indiana we will be holding events in Richmond and Evansville later this week. A full list of our events can be found at www.putkidsfirst.com

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