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A 2012 Conservative Case for America’s Future

January 03, 2012

An excellent article on why free market capitalism, tax reform, and fiscally conservative policies are the way forward for America. Via Townhall.com:

The United States is at a fork in the road regarding which way we will go as a people. The 2012 election could be the most important in our lifetime, and conservative leaders have reached a consensus on how to channel the energy and concerns of the American people to realize historic change this year.

Havel, Kim Regimes Show the Importance of Economic Freedom

December 19, 2011

Over the weekend the world lost two figures that will undoubtedly be remembered in the history books: Vaclav Havel, an anti-communist playwright-turned-politician who led Czechoslovakia out from under an oppressive Soviet-style regime in 1989, and Kim Jong-Il, a brutal dictator who has enforced North Korea’s Soviet-style police state and thereby led his country into famine. The contrast could not be greater between these two leaders, nor could the mark they left on the economies and the people of their respective countries.

AFP-Indiana Citizen Action Handbook

December 08, 2011

Want to build grassroots activism in your community but aren't sure where or how to start? Check out our AFP-Indiana Citizen Action Handbook. This is our "how to" guide on grassroots activism. Please feel free to use this as resource for your local, free market grassroots efforts.

The Death Tax: DoubleTaxation at its Worse

December 06, 2011 J

This is a link to our "Need to Know" publication on the "Death Tax." Last year Ohio eliminated their death tax. Indiana and other states are looking to do the same. http://www.americansforprosperityfoundation.com/files/Death_Tax.pdf

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