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Americans for Prosperity Lauds Chairman Ryan for Bold and Serious Budget Proposal

March 20, 2012 J

ARLINGTON, VA. — In response to today’s introduction by Chairman Paul Ryan of his FY2013 budget resolution, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation’s leading free market grassroots organization, released the following statement.

AFP President Tim Phillips:

“Once again House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan has laid down a marker that provides a clear and credible path forward for the federal budget. The Ryan Budget simultaneously calls for much-needed pro-growth tax reform and reforms to the biggest drivers of the nation’s runaway government spending. In contrast to the President’s budget this plan is a legitimate legislative effort to budget for the coming fiscal year.

AFP Hosts Townhall on Gas Prices with Cong. Joe Walsh

March 16, 2012 J

AFP-IL was pleased to be joined by Cong. Joe Walsh last night for a town hall meeting on rising gas prices and energy policy. Cong. Walsh led a highly interactive discussion with dozens of attendees highlighting the need for increased domestic energy production, including approval of the Keystone XL pipeline and further exploration offshore, to make America less dependent on foreign sources of oil. AFP-IL state director David From criticized the Obama Administration for distorting the free market by picking winners and losers in the energy sector, highlighting the $535M loan guarantees to now- bankrupt solar company Solyndra.