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A Liberal’s Lament: Medicaid is “So Screwed Up”

February 27, 2012 J

From reading Greg Hinz's column in Crain's Chicago Business, it seems as if the Quinn Administration's Director of the Dept of Human Services, former state Rep. Julie Hamos, has finally come around to our way of thinking... kind of.

Listen to Director Hamos' words:

“The system is going bankrupt. It's going to collapse. I really believe that,” she says. The traditional fee-for-service medical delivery system “is killing us,” and key stake-holders are gaming a program filled with “abuse.” She concludes, “It's soooo screwed up.”

We agree!

Indiana vs. Illinois: A Portrait of Bold Leadership… or the Lack Thereof

February 03, 2012 J

At his State of the State address on Wednesday, Gov. Quinn put forth a series of minor tax credits and investment (spending)[img_assist|nid=26350|title=IN Gov. Mitch Daniels|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=200][img_assist|nid=26351|title=IL Gov. Pat Quinn|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=300|height=225] ideas to get the state's economy moving. This is not the minor action Illinois' declining economy needs! llinois needs broad, transformative pro-growth change like Mitch Daniels has delivered in Indiana. Unfortunately, Gov. Quinn is beholden to special interests like labor union bosses and trial lawyers that prevent the realization of the type of pro-growth change Indiana has undertaken.

Continuing Chaos of the Obamacare Law

January 05, 2011 J

By Guest Blogger Scherie Gaitor

Here’s food for thought.  The 2800 page Obamacare law signed in March includes the cancellation of a discount drug program for children’s hospitals.  This program allowed pharmaceutical companies to discount medications for rare conditions.  The new law blocks children’s hospitals from receiving the discounted drugs.  Instead, rural hospitals will be the new beneficiary of this program.

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