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Civic Federation: Illinois Faces Financial Disaster

January 31, 2012 J

The highly respected Chicago-based fiscal watchdog group, the Civic Federation, released a report yesterday detailing the dire state of Illinois' financial situation. The challenges facing Illinois are nothing short of frightening and monumental. Read the report here.

It is clearer than ever, Illinois needs real leadership from the Governor and General Assembly to tackle the state's massive spending problem and its unsustainable obligations in public pensions and Medicaid. Here at AFP-IL, we will keep the pressure on our leaders and demand pension, Medicaid and spending reform.

A Common Cause for Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party?

December 12, 2011 J

It's not often that the Occupy Wall Street and tea party movements see eye-to-eye, but a tax bill before the Illinois legislature is testing whether left and right can combine to limit corporate tax favoritism.

The proposal would give an estimated $85 million tax exemption to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade and a $15 million annual break to Sears Holding Corp. to mitigate the state's big tax increase earlier this year. It would also vastly expand the earned income tax credit. The bill sailed through the state Senate two weeks ago, but it was crushed in ...

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Arthur Brooks And The Moral Case For Freer Markets

August 06, 2011 J

By: R.J. Moeller

Dr. Arthur Brooks is a name and a man you ought to know. He is the president of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington D.C., and one of the most articulate defenders of free market economics on the planet. Dr. Brooks has written several important books in the past 5 years, and I simply could not recommend them more highly to you.


Appearing last night on John Stossel's Fox Business Network show, Stossel, Dr. Brooks explained to the host why allowing the federal government to re-distribute more and more of the nation's wealth is immoral and a recipe for disaster.

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