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Tell Legislators to Keep Their Word: Don’t Make Income Tax Increase Permanent

Please take a few minutes to contact your state legislators and tell them to “keep their promise” to keep the 67% income tax increase temporary. Click here to take action now! On January 3, 2013, after ringing in the New Year, legislators will meet at the Statehouse in Springfield for their “lame duck” session before [...]


Andrew Breitbart Putting Union-Organized Protestors In Their Place

July 01, 2011 J

By: R.J. Moeller

I don't know anyone on the Right who is doing a better job of confronting the radical Left than Andrew Breitbart these days. I cannot overstate how important he is to the conservative movement currently. There are two Breitbart-related hings I wanted to share you today.

First, here is a rousing YouTube clip of Breitbart confronting union-paid protesters outside a conservative event in the Chicago-land area last fall. It speaks for itself.

Kane County Property Tax Forum

June 24, 2011 J

[img_assist|nid=24093|title=Kane County Property Tax Forum|desc=A recent property tax forum in Kane County|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=293]

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