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Tell Legislators to Keep Their Word: Don’t Make Income Tax Increase Permanent

Please take a few minutes to contact your state legislators and tell them to “keep their promise” to keep the 67% income tax increase temporary. Click here to take action now! On January 3, 2013, after ringing in the New Year, legislators will meet at the Statehouse in Springfield for their “lame duck” session before [...]


Join AFP for a State of the Union Watch Party!

January 20, 2012 J

Don’t watch the State of the Union address alone! This is an experience best shared with like-minded friends, refreshments and a dose of reality!
You are invited to join AFP-IL for a Solyndra Sour or, perhaps, Fannie Mae Flatbread as we join activists around the country for a live simulcast with AFP President Tim Phillips and a special guest.

Then, view the President’s State of the Union with a gathering of like-minded activists. Click here to attend!

Tuesday, January 24
7:00 pm
Sullivan’s Steakhouse
415 North Dearborn
Chicago, IL

When in a Hole… Stop Digging

January 17, 2012 J

If there was any doubt that the very powerful state government employee union, AFSCME, is out of sync with most of Illinois, check out this article from the State Journal-Register.

Apparently, AFSCME does not believe that state government employees should be subject to a wage freeze proposed by Minority Leaders Cross and Radogno. Most Illinoisans would love to have had consistent 3% raises throughout the Great Recession. But, Illinois can't pay its bills and has the worst funded pension system in the nation. It certainly seems reasonable to ask state employees forgo raises as part of the plan to rescue our state from financial disaster.

Illinois Rated as Second Worst State to Retire

January 16, 2012 J

It should come as no surprise, but Illinois has been rated the #2 on the list of worst states to retire by TopRetirements.com

2. Illinois. Illinois (along with Nevada) faces serious economic troubles. Its pension funding, deficit spending, unemployment, and foreclosure rates are among the worst of any states. The state began to address its problems last year when it raised income tax rates. Although Illinois does not tax most pension or social security, other earnings and investment income are taxed at a fairly high rate thanks to its 5% flat tax rate.

Sadly, Illinois actually tied for #1, but the site decided to choose CT as the winner... or the loser.

Runaway Pension Costs Draining Education Dollars

January 09, 2012 J

In an example of the unions and adults coming before the kids they are supposed to serve, the Illinois Policy Institute has put out a report showing how Illinois' unsustainable pension costs are eating up more and more education funds that would otherwise be used to educate children. Click Here for IPI's full report.

One disturbing reality from the report:

• In higher education – In recent years 80 cents of every new state dollar were spent on retirements leaving less for the classroom.

A Common Cause for Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party?

December 12, 2011 J

It's not often that the Occupy Wall Street and tea party movements see eye-to-eye, but a tax bill before the Illinois legislature is testing whether left and right can combine to limit corporate tax favoritism.

The proposal would give an estimated $85 million tax exemption to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade and a $15 million annual break to Sears Holding Corp. to mitigate the state's big tax increase earlier this year. It would also vastly expand the earned income tax credit. The bill sailed through the state Senate two weeks ago, but it was crushed in ...

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