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IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AFP-GA & Coalition To Expose Enroll America ObamaCare Front Group At Protest Rallies Around State

August 16, 2013 J,

“Big Insurance” is fronting the Enroll America tax exempt organization. The group, with ties to Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama Administration, is being challenged on their tax exempt status after the Board was revealed to be led by the very special interests who will benefit from ObamaCare Atlanta – The Georgia chapter of Americans for […]

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AFP-GA Slams ObamaCare After Prediction of 198 Percent Rate Hikes

August 02, 2013 J

Commissioner Hudgens’ comments confirm ObamaCare costs will be devastating for Georgia families. ATLANTA – Americans for Prosperity-Georgia State Director Virginia Galloway is once again sounding the alarm over the unworkable ObamaCare law, after Georgia Health Insurance Commissioner Ralph T. Hudgens revealed that insurers in the state were asking for astronomical increases up to 198 percent […]

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AFP Statement On PSC Vote For Solar Energy Mandate

July 12, 2013 J

ATLANTA – Americans For Prosperity GA, the nation’s premiere organization for limited government and economic freedom, expresses its disapproval with the 3-2 decision of the Georgia Public Service Commission which calls for a solar energy mandate on private sector energy providers in Georgia. A mandate of any kind, by government, is not free market and […]

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AFP Responds to Politifact “Half True” Grade On Renewables Causing Rising Energy Costs

July 10, 2013 J

ATLANTA – The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Politifact Georgia released a “Half True” grade today on our recent claim that renewable energy mandates in Georgia could cause electricity bills to rise up to 40% on the average consumer, as stated in a 191-page Institute for Energy Research study of states currently imposing a renewable portfolio standard […]