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When Common Core & Climate Change Collide – Ret. Prof. Dr. James Rust

The link to the Common Core science standards is founder here. Going to the link, my interpretation of the Common Core science standards is that they are based on three publications from the National Academy of Sciences. The report dealing with course material is called “A Framework for K-12 Education”, published in 2012. This report [...]

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School Choice Increases Property Values

April 17, 2014 J

A recent study concludes that school choice increases local property values, says Ashley Bateman of the Heartland Institute. Looking at New York City, student performance increased with the expansion of charter schools. Not only did graduation rates rise, but net income and housing demand in those neighborhoods also increased. In all, the authors found that [...]

Georgia and the Common Core: It’s Time To Believe In Ourselves Again – By Joel Aaron Foster

January 29, 2014 J

Common Core curriculum standards have been widely and loudly opposed by Americans For Prosperity activists and other civic groups around Georgia. At the same time, many teachers in the classroom are concerned with the incessant back-and-forth calls for continual curriculum changes that create difficulty for the instructional process. There is a balance between the two [...]

The Demand Is High For School Choice in GA – By Rhonda Gatch

January 21, 2014 J

School choice is about kids. It’s about improving schools. It’s about increased educational opportunities for all families. It represents some of our highest American ideals because it’s about real freedom to access the best classroom model that will meet the needs of an individual student. It offers young people the opportunity for success in life [...]

Common Core Update – Reprint from GPPF

January 20, 2014 J

Common Core Background: The Common Core State Standards Initiative[1] defines itself as “a state-led effort that established a single set of clear educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts and mathematics that states voluntarily adopt.” Former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue co-chaired the initiative for the National Governors Association and the press [...]

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