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Read This Before You Go To Polls: VOTE YES on Georgia’s Income Tax Cap

On November 4th Georgians will have a unique opportunity to decide the economic future of the Peach State. A constitutional amendment is on the ballot preventing the Georgia Legislature from raising the maximum state income tax rate. Georgia’s state legislature gave voters a gift by offering them the opportunity to impose self restraint on our […]


The EPA’s Ruthless Shell Game and the Rally to Stop Them – Interview with Joel Aaron Foster

July 22, 2014 J

LISTEN HERE to the interview with WGAU’s Tim Bryant on Mornings with Zoller & Bryant Americans for Prosperity Georgia’s Joel Aaron Foster explains President Obama’s proposed Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon dioxide reduction rules and their ruthless shell game that will cause your electricity bills to skyrocket and kill thousands of Georgia jobs. AFP Georgia invites […]

AFP GA Weekly Newsletter – July 13-20th, 2014

July 16, 2014

Click HERE to read online WOW, we are impressed! When the smoke cleared Saturday, it was easy to see that Americans for Prosperity activists nationwide were a roaring fire on the AFP July 12th Day of Action! Dozens of AFP Georgia activists joined hundreds more in homes and neighborhoods around the Country as the edge […]

How To Bend The Spoon – By Joel Aaron Foster

July 16, 2014

In honor of the Dog Days of Summer, we are releasing a series of thought provoking essays from AFP Georgia staff on the philosophical underpinnings that drive free market ideas and individual liberty. Free market principles thrive in an environment that honors the rule of law as both a protection and an incentive to entrepreneurship. […]