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Cut GA Taxes, Have Government Pay You! – By Joel Aaron Foster

What if I could show you that Georgia taxpayers could cut our income tax rate, cut our cost of living overall, raise our quality of life and bring more jobs and prosperity to Georgia simply by making a few bold moves to simplify our taxes? On Tax Day, individuals and families are familiar with the [...]


More Than Scores: An Analysis of Why & How Parents Choose Private Schools – By Benjamin Scafidi & Jim Kelly

July 03, 2014 J

Read report HERE. This report uses the results of a survey administered to Georgia parents of K–12 private school scholarship recipients to address three questions: In choosing the private school education best suited for the overall needs of their children, do parents primarily focus on the results from standardized tests administered to students attending the [...]

Good Intentions But Still Tyranny – By Jim Clarkson

July 01, 2014 J

We don’t worry too much about the technical problems of wind and solar power or the risk problem with nuclear plants. These are things the market will work out if the natural market is allowed to operate. Let the best technology prevail without political favoritism! It is the distorting effects of subsidies, tax breaks, limitations [...]

AFP GA Weekly Newsletter – June 29th-July 5th, 2014

July 01, 2014

Read newsletter online HERE. This Independence Day, we ask what makes America, the beautiful? Is it her strength or size? Or is it all that she has represented both here and around the world. A nation conceived in Liberty dedicated to the value of the individual and the opportunity to voluntarily support and build up [...]

When Law Becomes The Tyrant – By Joel Aaron Foster

June 30, 2014

In honor of the Dog Days of Summer, we are releasing a series of thought provoking essays from AFP Georgia staff on the philosophical underpinnings that drive free market ideas and individual liberty. Liberty is preserved in a delicate balance. If Liberty is truly the gift of Divine Providence to all Mankind then why do [...]

Ten Conclusions About Government Owned Broadband Internet

June 27, 2014 J

The New York University Law School’s Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute (ACLPI) recently released a report that outlines the common problems with government-owned broadband networks (GONs). The report, authored by Charles Davidson and Michael Santorelli with contributions from several government and business leaders in cities in states that have GONs, examines 10 networks across [...]