It’s Time to Let Parents Pick Their Childrens’ Schools

February 03, 2014J

By Peggy Venable As printed in Investor’s Business Daily  President Obama used the State of the Union address last week to praise the schools that “are making big strides in preparing students with skills for the new economy.” He even called for “more demanding parents” who can take a more active role in their children’s […]

Protect Local Control of Education

September 25, 2013J

On Monday, September 23rd Governor Scott announced a plan for protecting Florida’s students and now he needs your support with the legislature.  The Governor issued an executive order requiring Florida take back control over students assessments by withdrawing from PARCC, a national education consortium that is developing a test for dozens of states. The Governor made clear […]

Key Vote Alert: HB 867, Parent Empowerment in Education

AFP-FL Policy Director Abbie MacIver sent the following letter to the Florida House of Representatives, ahead of their floor vote on HB 867, the Parent Empowerment Act, urging support for the good legislation and notifying members that the bill would be included in AFP-FL’s 2013 Session Scorecard. HB 867-Parent Empowerment-Support Letter