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Medicaid: Broken, Costly & Expanding

Medicaid Expansion is one of the most important issues facing the Florida legislature this year.  The decision whether or not to expand Florida’s broken Medicaid program will have drastic and potentially devastating affects on Florida’s budget for generations.  Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying for the expansion if our current legislature decides to […]


Stop the Carbon Tax!

June 20, 2013 J,

Some Washington democrats want to create a new tax on carbon emissions – a tax that will increase your electric bills, kill millions of jobs and grow the federal government by one trillion dollars! >> Sign Our Petition to Stop the Carbon Tax today! << Carbon taxes are just another way for the left to […]

A Hidden Tax-Hike on Seniors

May 16, 2013 J,

Last summer, Americans for Prosperity analyzed the disappointing Medicare reforms in the President’s signature health care law. In February, the President suggested additional so-called reforms to Medicare in his State of the Union speech. Just like his reforms in 2010, these proposals fail to address the underlying issues in Medicare. One reform in particular, Medicare […]

Key Vote Alert: HB 867, Parent Empowerment in Education

April 04, 2013 J

AFP-FL Policy Director Abbie MacIver sent the following letter to the Florida House of Representatives, ahead of their floor vote on HB 867, the Parent Empowerment Act, urging support for the good legislation and notifying members that the bill would be included in AFP-FL’s 2013 Session Scorecard. HB 867-Parent Empowerment-Support Letter Like this post? Chip […]

Action Alert: No More Tax Dollars For Cronies

February 13, 2013 J,

Last week, AFP jointly released a report with Integrity Florida titled “Enterprise Florida: Economic Development or Corporate Welfare?”  This report is a scathing look into the failings of Enterprise Florida to meet its stated goals, the utter lack of transparency and accountability of the tax payer funded organization, the use of public dollars to pick […]