Protect the Taxpayer Bill of Rights!

January 30, 2015J

Who do you trust to spend your money: You, or the government? The issue is the Colorado Taxpayer Bill of Rights. It’s currently under assault and we need your help! The Taxpayer Bill of Rights says that voters may reject any state tax increase and requires the state to issue tax refunds when tax revenue […]

Kill the Death Tax

September 03, 2014J

The death tax, also known as the estate tax, is a tax on a person’s assets at death. Family-owned farms and businesses are most vulnerable to the death tax. When one generation wishes to pass family business assets down to the next generation, the death tax can threaten the continued viability of the business’ operations. […]

Obama’s New “Green” Tax

September 26, 2013J

President Obama wants to levy a new tax on Americans. What’s a carbon tax? A carbon tax is basically, if you don’t conform to his way of thinking “green”, you will be punished and charged for it. This will not only lead to skyrocketing energy prices, but it also will force energy companies to consider […]