“Bad News” Binz Goes Bye-Bye

October 01, 2013J

Statement from AFP-Colorado State Director Dustin Zvonek in response to Ron Binz’s failed bid for FERC Chairman “America’s energy policy is just too critical to our economic vitality to be left in the hands of environmental extremists with an anti-energy consumer agenda to push, which is why we were pleased today to see Colorado’s Ron […]

Americans for Prosperity Opposes Binz Nomination to FERC

September 16, 2013J

Colorado regulator has history of pushing radical green agenda Parker, CO – Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s leading free market grassroots organization, today joined more than a dozen other organizations urging the United States Senate to reject President Obama’s nomination of Ron Binz to be chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Binz has […]

Rally for Rural Colorado this Wednesday

The worst legislative session in memory may be over, but at least one important piece of unfinished business remains – getting Gov. Hickenlooper to veto SB-252, a bill that will force rural Coloradans to pay more on their utility bills in order to satisfy one-size-fits-all “green energy” mandates approved by urban legislators whose own constituents are […]

AFP, Rural Lawmakers Call for Veto of SB-252

DENVER – Lawmakers representing rural Colorado’s farm, ranch and mountain communities denounced legislation Thursday that will double the renewable-energy mandate on rural ratepayers. Senate Bill 252 would raise from 10 percent to 20 percent the amount of power that rural electric cooperatives–the nonprofit utilities serving much of the state–must obtain from costly renewable-energy sources. The […]

Central Planners Take Aim at Rural Energy Users

April 16, 2013J

Environmental extremists and their friends in the legislature are at it again — aiming to impose Soviet-style energy mandates on rural Colorado that will jack-up future utility bills beyond what most folks can afford. If informed and active energy consumers don’t battle back now, already-struggling Coloradans will be paying more for electricity, just so a bunch of […]