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Coloradans Share their Healthcare Stories

By Erin Amsberry ObamaCare hurts Colorado families, period. No matter how much Senator Udall proclaims the benefits of the costly and inefficient health care bill, the truth is that real Colorado families are being hurt. Alessandra Desiderio, a Colorado wife and mother, recently shared her healthcare story with the Denver Post which detailed how Obamacare […]


Central Planners Take Aim at Rural Energy Users

April 16, 2013 J

Environmental extremists and their friends in the legislature are at it again — aiming to impose Soviet-style energy mandates on rural Colorado that will jack-up future utility bills beyond what most folks can afford. If informed and active energy consumers don’t battle back now, already-struggling Coloradans will be paying more for electricity, just so a bunch of […]

Stay on Alert This Legislative Session

January 14, 2013 J

It’s that time of year again, everyone. Legislators kicked-off the 2013 session last Wednesday and the bills — some good, others bad — already are flying fast and furious. You can help the good bills advance, and the bad bills die, by being on alert for the next 120 days, as part of AFP-Co’s Rapid […]

Deeper Into the Morass We Wade

January 03, 2013 J,

Gov. John Hickenlooper is poised to plunge Colorado even deeper into the Obamacare morass, promising to pay for a federally-mandated Medicaid expansion with $280 million in miraculous “savings” he says can be pulled from the program. Problem is, the health care experts at Kaiser estimated late last year that Medicaid expansion will cost Colorado taxpayers […]

Fiscal Cliff “Fix” is a Raw Deal for Taxpayers

January 02, 2013 J

By James Volvo The last-minute deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff suffers from some of  the worst ailments of Washington’s backroom deals.  Primarily, it does not  address the nation’s fiscal imbalance because it allows taxes to go up but fails  to tackle the true driver of our economic woes: runaway government  spending.  Not surprisingly, […]