AFP Arkansas Healthcare Testimony

Prepared Statement on Arkansas House Bill 2138
March 28, 2011 (updated)
Teresa Oelke, Arkansas State Director, Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity Arkansas opposes HB 2138 and SB 880. Both bill will be scored on AFP’s legislative score card.

Courts must settle the issue first.

AFP Arkansas Healthcare Policy Paper

Understanding Health Insurance Exchanges and Health Care Implementation
Prepared by
Eric Novack, MD, Chairman, US Health Freedom Coalition and Senior Policy Fellow for Americans for Prosperity
And Teresa Oelke, Arkansas State Director

In brief, AFP Arkansas opposes House Bill 2138 and Senate Bill 880 and will be scoring both bills.

Where We Are:
The state has accepted (along with every other state except Alaska and now Florida) federal funds for planning the exchange.

ICYMI: Beebe Aiming to get a Handle on Medicaid Debate

[img_assist|nid=23030|title=Governor Mike Beebe|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=215|height=300]From

With voter unrest and fear regarding federal health care reform, Gov. Mike Beebe wants to avoid the association in his efforts to overhaul the state’s Medicaid system.

In his most recent weekly radio address, Beebe took pains to draw the distinction between federal reforms and his state initiative.