Help Arkansas Stand Up To Obama’s Energy Power Grab!

February 18, 2015J

Just last week, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge joined a group of a dozen bipartisan Attorneys General who are challenging President Obama’s so-called “Clean Power Plan.” This is great news for Arkansas utility ratepayers. Now it’s time for the state legislature to push back as well. President Obama’s regulation (Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed 111(d) rule) […]

Senate fails to stop FCC power grab

November 10, 2011J

Boozman voted to stop it and Pryor voted to allow the government to regulate the Internet. Via AFP VP of Policy Phil Kerpen:

On a 46-52 party line vote today, the Senate failed to stop the FCC’s net neutrality power grab, the first government regulation of broadband Internet access in a decade. This regulation will now take effect on November 20, undermining investment and job creation and setting the stage for more pervasive Internet regulation in the future. The order is being challenged in court, however, and is likely to be struck down.

That’s because the FCC did this with no legal authority, as the DC Circuit already found recently in Comcast v. FCC. Congress never passed legislation authorizing these regulations, and in fact all 95 candidates who campaigned on the idea last year lost. Perfect record of failure.