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Thanks Senator Boozman

As we are all either trying to wind our way down to the new year or get those last couple of presents squared away, Washington, DC was at it again trying to spend away the future. The good news is that Senator Boozman kept his promise to preserve spending limits. We hope that you take [...]


Getting to the bottom of the Arkansas Forestry Commission Debacle

January 17, 2012 J

This guest blog post by State Senator Missy Irvin gives an overview of the happenings in regards to the Arkansas Forestry Commission, accountability, and what's being done by our elected officials to get to the bottom of it all.

In early December, something extremely rare in state government occurred...a lay-off of state employees in mid-fiscal year. Nearly unprecedented, this deserved an extra look. More importantly, my constituents came to me in early February of 2011 with their concerns over rumors of financial distress. They were worried about losing their jobs and asked if I would help them. As an elected representative, this is one of my primary responsibilities – to assist my constituents and represent them through providing legislative oversight.

ICYMI: The “Not It” Game Continues With the Forestry Commission

January 16, 2012 J

[img_assist|nid=26021|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=194|height=300]David Kinkade updates us on the continuation of the "not it" blame game being played with the Forestry Commission mess. To read the full story click here. And how about that graphic, huh (to your left)? Kinkade simply kills it with the graphics.

It’s Friday the 13th, which is bad news for you if you planned on spending the night at Camp Crystal Lake, or if you are one of the 36 employees of the Arkansas Forestry Commission losing your job today due to the agency’s epic mismanagement.

Ark. lawmakers ask leaders to reconsider tax hike

January 13, 2012 J

The AP's Andrew DeMillo has the story:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A group of Arkansas legislators has asked city leaders from around the state to reconsider their support for a severance tax hike to pay for highways.

Fifteen Republicans and three Democrats on Thursday asked the Arkansas Municipal League to oppose the severance tax increase that former natural gas executive Sheffield Nelson is trying to place on the November ballot.

The legislators said they believed the increase would hurt jobs and growth in Arkansas.

House Speaker Robert Moore says the severance tax hike isn't competing with a proposed half-cent sales tax that will appear on the November ballot.

Moore asked members of the state Municipal League to throw their support behind the proposed temporary tax for four-lane highways.

More Obamacare Job Loss

January 10, 2012 J

Via BigGovernment.com:

While the Old Media has been ecstatic over recent job numbers, claiming that some 200,000 jobs have been added to the economy, we should note that while Obama giveth Obama also taketh away. The media may be trying to claim the President has “created or saved” jobs (the latest weasel word is he’s created job opportunity) but his policies have also cost jobs. In particular his policies are costing jobs in the medical field.

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